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3. Feared Possible Selves.

In addition to having expected and hoped-for possible selves, we may have images of ourselves in the future that we fear or dread. Some of these feared possible selves may seem quite likely, like Having poor health, while others may seem quite unlikely, like Being a bank robber.


In the space below, please list the feared possible selves that you imagine you could become in the future.

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The most important feared Possible Self.

Please choose your most important feared possible self from your list above and write it again in the space below. This is the future self that you would never want to become in the future.

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In the next section, use the mouse to click the circle below the statement you choose.

1. Do you feel you can prevent this possible self from happening?
I know I can't

Probably not

I don't know

Probably can

I know I can

2. How likely do you think this possible self is to happen?
Very unlikely

Not likely

I don't know

Likely to happen

Very likely

3. Have you done anything so far to help you avoid becoming this possible self?  Yes No

4. If you answered yes, describe what you have done to help you avoid becoming this possible self.

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