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Death is not the end.    It's a new beginning.

1. Millions of people across the centuries have reported amazing experiences that have transformed their lives forever. 

2. These experiences have usually occurred after suffering some traumatic event such as a serious accident or a life-threatening illness.

3. The claims made by these people have been so profound and overwhelming that many of them are reluctant to say anything to others because of fear of being thought to be going mad.

4. The claims made by these people have included reports of leaving their injured or sick bodies, realizing that they have a spiritual form, experiencing a feeling of pure love and acceptance far beyond any experience on earth, being aware of all knowledge, and having a full awareness of the purpose of their earthly life.

5. Many of these people find themselves in the presence of spiritual beings who love them unconditionally. Some people are met by deceased loved ones.  All of these people are told that their life's work has not yet been completed and that they must return to their bodies. All of these  people find it difficult to fully explain what happened to them. Most say that there are no words that can begin to describe their experiences as they approached what must be the "Heaven" we have all heard about.

6. Many doctors explain it all away as being the effects of anaesthesia, lack of oxygen to the brain, side-effects of drugs used during recovery or just some kind of temporary hallucination. The people who undergo these near death experiences have absolutely no doubt that what they "saw" and "heard" was more real than anything they had ever known on earth. They all knew without any doubt that we all live forever.

7. One doctor did believe what some of his very sick patients consistently told him during many years of treating them. He decided to start collecting the stories that he heard. He has now constructed many web pages to allow others to read some of the descriptions of what happened to many thousands of people who felt strong enough to talk about what happened to them when they "died" but were told to go back to complete their life's work. 

The next page has a collection of extracts from these many reports made by people who wanted to share their near death experiences with others across the world.

8. The obvious outcome of this information is that we have not lost our loved ones forever. When our partners died, it was their time to go.

We will see them again. 

We all live forever. 

Dying is just a transition to the next part of our endless journey.

Read about what many people have said happens to us when we die. 

The address of the doctor's web site is available on another page to follow.