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Google search engine

Chopin information

   TV programs

Upload your own pictures or look at everybody else's pictures

TV programs

Google Maps and Street View

Videos of almost anything you can think of

What time it is in any part of the world

Hundreds of internet cameras all over the world

Links to everything the ABC does

Google Email

A rival search engine to Google

Australian Yellow Pages

Internet TV stations

The latest from Australia Post

Google videos

Weather forecasts and radar images of approaching rain showers

Australian White Pages

Old movies streamed on the net

See what's for sale on Ebay

Strange and funny things

The free encyclopedia on just about everything

A dictionary for english words and a lot more too

Travel in France

Recipes for Australian cooks

Find your way around Paris

Look stuff up

The name says it all

More about France

See the collection on-line

Selected panoramas in the Louvre

Learn French

Learn more French

Learn even more French

Sprechen sie  Deutsch?

Sometimes funny and sometimes not

Steinway information

The Graveyard

Translate that difficult word

An on-line dictionary

An old page