University of South Australia

Division of Education, Arts and Social Sciences.

Magill Campus.

Title of the research project: Possible Selves and the Motivation of High School Students.

Researcher: Mr G.A. Higgs (B.Ed, Dip. T.)

Telephone: 8264 0543  or  8302 4552  or  0403 198965.


Supervisor: Dr G.C. Yates. 8302 4505.


Semester 2, 2000.

Dear Parents of year 10 students,                                  

            After over 30 years as a science and mathematics teacher I am now a post-graduate research student at the Magill campus of the University of South Australia. As part of my research, I want to collect a range of responses from year 10 students in a number of metropolitan and country schools through the administration of an anonymous questionnaire that asks students to respond to questions about their hopes and fears for the future. We are trying to tap into how young adolescents think about their future lives.        

            The data collected from the survey in this school and others across metropolitan Adelaide and the State of South Australia, may help to provide information about the large numbers of students who leave school before completing their secondary education. The analysis of the data will be purely statistical and individuals will not be identified.

            I have included a permission slip to allow you to give consent for your son/daughter to take part in this research. Please send it to the school for collection as soon as possible. It will be passed on to me, and your child will be included on the list of participating students. There is, of course, no obligation to take part and there are no particular advantages for students who do. Students who do not take part are not disadvantaged in any way. Students are only identified by a code number and thus remain anonymous.

            Please contact me or Dr Yates if further information is required. The name and telephone number of the Chair of the Human Research Ethics Committee is listed below. She will be available to discuss general aspects of the project should you wish to do so.

The current Chair is Ms Linley Hartmann,

Business & Enterprise, City West,

telephone: (08) 8302-0327,

facsimile: (08) 8302-0512,


Yours sincerely,

G.A. Higgs.


The following is a copy of the consent form to be sent to parents. A copy can be made from the "Download Forms" link on this web site.

University of South Australia.

Possible Selves Research - Year 10 students.



(To be sent to Geoff A. Higgs, University of South Australia,

St Bernard's Rd, Magill.)


School Name: __________________________________________________


Name of student: _______________________________________________


Class/Form: ________  House: _______ Teacher(s): __________________

  Possible Selves and the Motivation of High School Students.

I have read and understood the Information Sheet on the above project and understand that my child is being asked to answer questions about their future thoughts, their feelings of self-esteem, how optimistic they are and their degree of persistence to complete assigned tasks. They will be surveyed once in year 10 and again in year 12.

I understand that my child may not directly benefit by taking part in this research.

I understand that while information gained in the study may be published, my child will not be identified and all individual information will remain confidential.

I understand that I can withdraw my child from the study at any stage up until the end of the collection of data in year 12.

I understand that there will be no payment for my child taking part in this study.

I am aware that I should retain a copy of the Information Sheet and Consent Form for future reference. 


I consent to my child being involved in this project.


Signed ______________________________            Date____/____/____

Relationship to child___________________________________________________

Name of child________________________________________________________