Information about the researcher.

 I have spent over 30 years in schools both as a primary teacher and secondary teacher. After my initial primary teacher training at Flinders University, I taught secondary science, biology  and mathematics classes in a country school and a number of metropolitan high schools, completing secondary teaching qualifications as I did so.  
As an exchange teacher, I taught senior Biology 1 and Biology 2 classes in the United States.  
    My particular interest has been in providing extension and enrichment classes in chemistry and environmental science for gifted and talented students.  

For several years I have been involved in the assessment of primary and secondary student teachers in classrooms across the State, working for both the University of South Australia and the University of Adelaide. I also tutored students in Educational Psychology at the University of South Australia and Lectured in Educational Psychology at the Elder School of Music - University of Adelaide.  

My current research interests are in the stability of students' thoughts about their future selves - their possible selves - during the final three years of secondary school. The current research examines students' expectations, hopes and fears and how these thoughts provide motivation to persist with tasks to completion - the achievement of goals.

                                                                                   Geoff A. Higgs.