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First AuthorTitleOther information
Green, B.A. et. al.Gender and Orientations toward the Future: Links to Motivation.pdf
Kemmelmeier, M. et al.The ups and downs of thinking about a successful other: self-construals and the consequences of social comparisons.pdf
Kemmelmeier, M. et al.Gendered Influence of Downward Social Comparisons on Current and Possible Selves.pdf
Lips, H.M.The Gender Gap in Possible Selves: Divergence of Academic Self-Views Among High School and University Students.pdf
Oyserman, D. et. al. Possible Selves and Academic Outcomes: How and When Possible Selves Impel Action.pdf
Pizzolato, J.E.Achieveing College Student Possible Selves: Navigating the Space Between Commitment and Achievement of Long-Term Identity Goals.pdf
Robinson, B.S. et. al.Motivational Attributes of Occupational Possible Selves for Low-Income Rural Women.pdf
Segal, H.S. Future Possible Selves by Gender and Socioeconomic Status Using the Anticipated Life History Measure.pdf
Kerka, S.Possible Selves: Envisioning the Future.pdf
Markus, H.R. et. al.Possible Selves.pdf