SPSS data  Round 1 and Round 2. 136 Year 10 students, a few Year 11 students and Year 12 students.                                             
5aNumber of feared
selves listed.
(The variables in red with an "X" are from Round 1)
(The variables in green without an "X"

(except as part of the variable name)
are from Round 2)

= School name.   Round 1.
  SCHOOL = School name.   Round 2.
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Round 1 and Round 2 data.

Comment: Students wrote a series of feared Possible Selves statements indicating what they feared or were afraid of becoming or how they feared their lives might develop at some future time. This variable simply recorded the actual number of future self statements written in a text box on the questionnaire. It was coded according to the following information:

0 = Nothing written.
1 =  One written statement or word.
through to
"X" = equal to the actual number of different statements made.
No limit was set.




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