SPSS data  Round 1 and Round 2. 136 Year 10 students, a few Year 11 students and Year 12 students.                                             
4gEffort required to
achieve career or vocational "Selves".
(The variables in red with an "X" are from Round 1)
(The variables in green without an "X"

(except as part of the variable name)
are from Round 2)

= School name.   Round 1.
  SCHOOL = School name.   Round 2.
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Round 1 and Round 2 data.

Comment: This variable explores the required effort needed for students who aspire to reach their hoped-for vocational and/or career Future Self. It focuses on the specific training and/or study that might be required to reach this hoped-for future state.
Numerical scores were allocated on the basis of the following scale:

0 = Nothing written or non-vocational/career-related response.
1 = Unspecified level of training/study required.
2 = TAFE diploma/certificate/ apprenticeship required.
3 = University diploma/degree/higher degree required.

The sectors of the pie represent the numbers of students in the sample who have aspirations to reach their future goal through carrying out the study pathways shown.




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