SPSS data  Round 1 and Round 2. 136 Year 10 students, a few Year 11 students and Year 12 students.                                             
4bStructure of the written responses.(The variables in red with an "X" are from Round 1)
(The variables in green without an "X"

(except as part of the variable name)
are from Round 2)

= School name.   Round 1.
  SCHOOL = School name.   Round 2.
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Round 1 and Round 2 data.

Comment: This variable provided an opportunity to see the way in which the hoped-for Possible Selves statements were structured. In the pie graphs below,the numbers correspond to the following information :
Paragraphs of ideas - 6
Sentences of 20 or more words - 5
Shorter sentences - 4
Phrases of 10 or more words - 3
Phrases less than 10 words - 2
Single word or words - 1
No response - 0




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