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Hi Rob,
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The two family groups I got from Keith Payne at Loxton.
He's a family member on another branch of the tree.
We have the same ancestors (Great Grandparents) in common.
Here's the connection, and the pedigree chart is to the right of this.

Written by Keith Payne of Loxton...

I am aware of your interest  in family history through our mutual 
relative, Richard Barrows of Launceston, with whom I keep in contact  and share family history and who has given me your email address.

My grandmother Amy Jane Gratton (nee Barrows) was
a sister to your  
ancestor Emily Gertrude Higgs (nee Barrows).

My late mother Ruth Payne (nee Gratton) kept in touch with some of your  side of the family so I am taking the liberty of emailing you with  the view of maintaining that contact.

This pedigree chart shows where Keith Payne fits into our family tree.
We are Second Cousins to him.
Click HERE to see a family relationships chart.

Barrows group about 1912 - 169 KBBarrows Golden Wedding 1913 Pine Hill - 198 KBMum's Wedding Day - 83.4 KB55.8 KB