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Ren and Geoff's bike ride from Semaphore South to Largs Bay, Osborne, Outer Harbor, North Haven, Taperoo, Peterhead, Birkenhead,  Exeter, Semaphore, and back again - a distance of about 21 km.  September 3rd  2009.
The car park at Semaphore South.
Where we had lunch.
The cafe at North Haven near the Marina.
The   "Bacon & Eggs plus coffee for $8"   sign can just be seen.
That's what we had.
At Outer Harbor.
A ship leaving the Port River on its way into the gulf.
The Container Terminal at  Outer Harbor.
A panorama that shows the Royal Yacht Squadron at Outer Harbor.
Travelling along Victoria Road - Taperoo.
A rest stop -  Victoria Road, Largs North.
Looking towards the Glanville Station.
The distinctive water tower in Semaphore.
(See notes below.)
Looking East along Semaphore Road.
Looking West along Semaphore Road at Military Road.
Looking South along the Esplanade where the cars were parked.
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