Web page sent to Ren and Jeff to encourage them to go riding with Geoff - May 24th 2009 - Copied from Family Web pages.   
 Pictures from Geoff   -   A day in the Parklands - a photographic essay.    February 2009.

A short distance from the city is an area in the North Parklands that remains a lot like the original open country that existed before Adelaide was established in the 19th Century. I went there on my bike to look around. I found some horses that had been grazing in the open paddocks Several horses came across to me when I called to them. I talked to them softly and they just stood there listening.I felt tempted to pat them but a sign on the fence warned me against doing so. This was an area with a country feel to it. It was a quiet and peaceful place. One of the open areas for grazing. One of several places for horses to drink. I photographed the whole area with a panoramic view.   Not many people know about this open region of solitude just  5 minutes from the city. This is the location of the open country.